How to collect online payments via Jamaica local banks?

Online payments are definitely the future of doing business. With so many ways to pay, it can be hard to decide which option is best for you. One option that is often overlooked by online merchants is collecting payments via local banks in Jamaica.

Do you want to collect online payments via local banks in Jamaica such as NCB, Scotia, First Global, Sagicor, and CIBC First Caribbean? If so, read on…

How to collect online payments via Jamaica local banks?

At this time, the process of collecting local online payments in Jamaica is still uncommon, however, Stennett Designz has the solutions!

This post will walk you through how to collect online payments through your website with your Jamaican local bank. It’s never too late to get started!

1.  The first step is to register your business with the Companies Office Of Jamaica.

Once registered, you will receive your local corporate tax number. In addition to local corporate registration, local businesses are required by law to have a local address as well as local bank accounts in order to collect local online payments via jamaica local banks. *There are other alternatives for International payments*

2. The next step is to register your business with a local bank.

All local banks in Jamaica need local online business owners to be registered with them prior to accepting local bank transfer payments via direct deposit for your products or services.

Once registered with the local banks; a business account will be created for you with your Business Name.

3. Get a Safe, Secure website with Stennett Designz.

Stennett Designz is the digital marketing agency of choice for Jamaican businesses. They now offer to build SSL integrated websites for free so start-ups like you can avoid the high startup cost associated with building websites.  An SSL certificate is a process for encrypting internet traffic and most importantly, verifying server identity.

Stennett Designz will customize your website to suit your needs, as well, to accommodate the local banking gateway based on your preferred local bank. They boast to build websites in hours and not months as their hosting is secure and fast, with a 99.9% uptime. This means their websites almost never have breakdowns.

All online transactions will be done through your local bank and not the website, as the website was built to accommodate the local banking integrations so that your customers experience a seamless shopping experience.

Stennett Designz would have set up tracking so that you know when orders have been paid for successfully or not paid for yet due to discrepancies in billing information like missing CVVs codes etc.


You can now collect online payment through your website to your local bank in Jamaica.

It is important to note, there are many factors when deciding which bank is best for you – fees charged, minimum opening balance requirement, ease of use etcetera. NCB, Scotia, First Global, Sagicor, and CIBC First Caribbean seem to be the only bank offering these integrations.


If you’re looking to collect payments on your website in Jamaica, it can be a bit of a process. You need the best web design company that can make help you collect your payments online while granting your clients an amazing shopping experience.

But don’t give up! There is another way with Stennett Designs – we will help walk you through how easy it is for Jamaican businesses like yours to start collecting online payments from their customers abroad or locally without breaking any barriers that may exist.

We want our clients to succeed so we’ll do everything we can to make sure they’re getting all the information they need about payment processing solutions tailored just for them (or at least one more suited than what’s already out there). Contact us today if this sounds like something worth doing.

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