Spoton Island Tours

Spoton Car Rental aims to become an international award-winning company and we plan to achieve this by earning the support and loyalty of a host of travel partners worldwide.We are a full-service ground transportation company, offering not only car rental services but also catering to clients who do not want to drive themselves. They can take advantage of any of the options which include private transfers, day trips, and executive chauffeur service.

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Irie Tours Ja

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Irie Tours Ja is an affordable, reliable, and knowledgeable tour operator that provides the best in cruise ship land tours and all island excursions in Jamaica. They offer free wifi onboard our buses!

Cruise Ship, Land Tours and All Island Excursions in Jamaica.

Project Management Tee Shirt

Buy quality project management t-shirts from actual project managers. You’re a project manager, which means you probably don’t get half the appreciation and respect that you deserve.

You know nothing can get started or organized without you, and before you arrive, it’s usually chaos. That’s why we’ve got a tee or hoodie that tells the world, ‘Keep Calm and let the Project Manager Handle it.” Your job is to plan, organize, and direct the execution of a specific project for an organization while ensuring these projects are on time, on budget, and within scope.  Yeah, that’s all. It’s all on you, and you handle it with ease, even if it makes your head spin sometimes. That’s why the perfect tee for you is this one: “I’m a Project Manager because Clients Need Heroes”.

You’re everybody’s hero because not only do they call you a project manager but also “a ninja, superman or a miracle worker” It’s pretty hard to top that one, that’s for sure.

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Anglin Global Affiliates

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Anglin Global is a strategic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that provides turnkey call center facilities, campaign management, and operational support to companies wanting to offshore or outsource to Jamaica.

With more than 15 years of experience and over 1,000 seats across the island, Anglin Global is positioned to becoming the #1 leading call center provider within the Caribbean region.

Visionary Outsourcing Solutions

Visionary Outsourcing Solutions was established in October 2016. We are located in Montego Bay Jamaica 5 minutes away from the Sangster’s International Airport; we are situated in the heart of Montego Bay which is the hub for both tourism and BPO services.

Our Mission is to partner with our customers in their businesses, by providing a low-cost nearshore solution that delivers a talented workforce with top quality service and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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Jamaica Bookings & Events Enterprise

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Jamaica Bookings & Events Enterprise offers wedding decor rentals, venues, and floral arrangements. Group bookings for hotels, villas, destination weddings, and more. Day passes for churches, schools, corporate companies, and more.

First Choice Finance Ltd.

First Choice Finance Ltd is a membership Society, duly registered under the Companies Act as an Industrial and Provident Society. We have been in operation since October 2003 with the sole purpose to enhance the lives of our members by offering quality service at the most attractive interest rates.

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Intellectual Technologies

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Intellectual Technologies was founded by two highly motivated and skilled technology experts, both leaders in their respective fields, between them they have over 30+ years of experience in various sectors of the industry, their commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart from competitors.

We are located in the heart of Montego Bay, Jamaica, where we focus primarily on IP Surveillance Systems, Managed Networks, Home Automation, and Access Control Solutions. Computer WIFI Networks are a vital part of any company and we aim to provide superior service with our dedicated team; zero downtime is our aim.

Street People Liberation

The program which first started out with ten (10) volunteers from five High Schools in Montego Bay, these include Cornwall College, Montego Bay High School for Girls, Mt. Alvernia High School, Anchovy High School, and Irwin High School. However presently our team Street People Liberation partners with other charity organizations in order to help the less- fortunate in and around Jamaica.

The aim of this organization is to inspire the homeless, donate items to the homeless, through the St. James Parish Council Care center.

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Natural Health Coaching Club

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Pastor Carlene is the founder of a new Natural Health/ Wellness Coaching Club, It is geared toward motivating and assisting her members to cherish their natural healthy lifestyle without too much medication or none at all. Her passion is to help her members to live healthier and more productive lives. They could look 20 years younger, healthier, stress & pain-free while living to be over 75 years old and up to 100 years or more. She doesn’t like to see people, get sick, and die young.

LMH Kanhen Water

LMH Kangen Water was formed with the primary purpose of enhancing the health of our customers. We are able to do this because we produce water that is HIGHLY ALKALINE (pH8.5-9.5), ANTI-OXIDANT(slowing down the aging process), and MICRO-CLUSTERED (smaller water molecules for easy hydration).

So over time, LMH Kangen Water will get your body in an alkaline state able to flush out toxins and free radicals that damage healthy cells and take oxygen and beneficial minerals to those cells. We are therefore boosting our immune system to fight cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases.

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